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Second graders are sharp during Energy Saving Week

Don’t keep the windows open too long. We have to save nature because otherwise we won’t have it anymore. These are just some of the practical and even global issues that second graders at Pohjois-Haaga elementary school pondered when we asked them about what they had learned during Energy Saving Week.

Second grade pupils participated in Energy Saving Week in mid-October as part of the nationwide event. During the week, they learned about energy production methods and talked about sensible energy use and how to save energy.

The 2A class at Pohjois-Haaga elementary school used the ‘Hei, kaikki toimii’ (Hey, everything works) children’s energy books donated by Fingrid.
“During the week, we learned about what energy is and where it is needed. The pupils played the games that came with the material, sang the songs on the CD and completed the assignments very enthusiastically,” says Class Teacher Maarit Koivisto.

For example, the children were very amused by the Tuhlaajan talo (Wasteful home) comic strip in the energy book. This is a house where the taps leak, the radiators are glowing hot, the windows are open and – of course – all the electrical appliances, from TV to iron, are turned on.

Children appreciate nature

Energy Saving Week has encouraged 8-year-olds to think about how natural resources are wasted:
“We have to save energy and nature, because otherwise they will run out,” say second graders.
“If we cut down too many trees, they will disappear. We also have to save uranium and coal so that they last longer.”

Schoolchildren also know that their own activities can affect energy saving:
“Keeping the windows open for too long wastes energy.”
“If the teacher leaves the classroom and it’s recess, we can turn off the computers and other devices.”

Class Teacher Maarit Koivisto confirms that during Energy Saving Week the class talked a lot about how each person is responsible for nature and the earth. It’s a good idea to start thinking about these things at a young age.

Fingrid donated Energy Saving Week materials to nine different schools. •