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Main grid

LUT University is developing a small nuclear power plant for district heating

LUT University is researching an entirely new solution to address the problem of carbon dioxide emissions due to heating. The university is developing a small nuclear power plant that will provide district heating. The minimum output of the district heat reactor must be 20–30 megawatts, and a few such units could satisfy the district heating needs of a medium-sized town.


Who will be the winners in the energy revolution?

In principle, it should be simple to combat climate change, at least from the perspective of an electricity transmission system operator. We should make the power system clean and electrify everything we can, writes Fingrid’s Senior Expert Mikko Heikkilä.

Electricity market

Towards a clean power system

Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s CEO, says that the government’s programme will enable Finland to become a pioneer in terms of its clean, cost-efficient power system.


Keeping the lid on electricity bills

The cloud-based OptiWatti is a smart management system for electric heating. Controlled energy use decreases the environmental burden and also saves money.


The net impact calculator

Upright Oy is a company led by Annu Nieminen that is developing a calculation model to measure and compare the total impacts of companies’ operations. The goal is to encourage companies to optimise their net impacts. Last year Upright and Fingrid performed a practice calculation that examined the total impacts of Fingrid’s operations.

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