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Team spirit driving everyone forward

It is important to create and foster a good project spirit, says Fingrid´s Project Director Risto Ryynänen.

All projects are important and unique.

I have been responsible for managing and coordinating some major projects, with the largest being
EstLink 2 (the HVDC transmission link between Finland and Estonia), the Oulujoki entity from Pyhäkoski to Nuojuankangas, and the Helsinki 400-kilovolt power cable connection.

I did not do it all alone, of course.

In addition to the numerous customers, stakeholders, parties and authorities, I worked with an amazing number of experts, suppliers and contractors and, fortunately and most importantly, employees in factories and at worksites.

Contract documents, technical specifications, plans and other documents set out the framework and ground rules. The contract terms concerning safety serve as guidelines for shared workplaces and construction sites. And that is how it should be.

However, I think it is just as important to create and foster a good project spirit. This is something you will not find easily in the documentation.

So do not forget the joint project kick-offs, coffee breaks, barbecue evenings, topping-out ceremonies, feedback events and your own unique slogans and greetings – safely and responsibly, of course.

If the atmosphere is good, everyone finds it easy to talk and suggest improvements to safety, quality and the environment.


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