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The Market Committee aims to develop the sector

Fingrid has three customer committees, which act as a link between Fingrid and the representatives of its various customer groups. Tero Karhumäki, the outgoing Chair of the Market Committee, talks about the opportunities of committee work.

Kuoreveden sähkö is a small electricity company based in Jämsä, Central Finland. The company
invests in maintaining a reliable distribution network and providing carbon-dioxide-free electrical energy.
Its CEO, Tero Karhumäki, has been on Fingrid’s Market Committee for the last three years.

Each member serves a term of three years before being replaced by a representative of a comparable
customer group. Karhumäki has chaired the Market Committee for the last year.

“Fingrid usually appoints a person who has served on the committee for a couple of years as the chair. I am sure that every committee member endeavours to contribute to the debate on electricity markets. The committee seeks solutions to problems in the sector and enhances the debate. It has the clear aim of pushing the sector forward,” Karhumäki says.

He points out that the committee does not make decisions, and Fingrid is not obligated to take any action in response to the committee’s discussions.

“It is important that our discussions are given consideration and that our viewpoints influence the decision-making process. The electricity market is debated in many forums, and I would like the views expressed and reiterated in such forums to have more of an impact on decision-makers. Otherwise, there
is no point in all this committee work. Everyone who takes time to look for solutions does so in the hope that the committee will make a difference and Fingrid will listen to our viewpoints.”

The impacts on the energy market due to the climate crisis and the war in Ukraine pose unprecedented challenges throughout Europe.

“War is not something you get used to, but we are gradually finding solutions to the energy crisis together. I am particularly concerned about proposals for a price cap on electricity production at a time when the need for electricity is increasing dramatically. Right now, we need just the opposite: we should
incentivise producers by improving the conditions for investment. This will not be our last difficult winter. We need more production and demand-side management,” Karhumäki says.

Fingrid´s three customer committees

Fingrid´s customer committees are the Advisory Committee, the Market Committee, and the Grid Committee.

Each committee has 8–12 members representing different customer groups: electricity producers, distributors, consumers, suppliers and other electricity market parties.


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