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The operating environment is changing – Fingrid renews its strategy

The world is changing and Fingrid has to change with it. Major change factors are the energy system revolution and changes taking place in society. Today’s Fingrid will not be enough for our customers in the future. PUBLISHED 23.11.2017


Everything in our new strategy starts with the mission: we have broadly stated that “Fingrid is the Finnish transmission system operator”. A suitable mix of old and new has been included in the mission: “We secure reliable electricity for our customers and society and we shape the clean, market-oriented power system of the future.”

The level of ambition specified in our strategy has always been high. Our slightly revised vision of “A role model for electricity network operations” means that we are in the world championships of this industry. And we want to be a winner, not just a participant.

For years, our values have been based on the same pillars: we are transparent, impartial, efficient and responsible. Customers and stakeholders test these values every day. Fingrid employees have adopted our shared values very well. Over time, our values will gain new content suitable for the times.

We are a different transmission system operator because of the choices we have made. The foundation for these choices is a focus on the mission. Our customer-oriented operating methods set us apart from many of our peers. Our activities are also characterised by a world-class level of efficiency. An excellent partner for this efficiency is our choice to be market-oriented: a functional market produces the best and most innovative solutions in all activities. In terms of promoting the electricity market, we have a positive attitude towards integration. The finishing touch as a strategic choice is reliability and responsibility, which have always been a key part of the company’s DNA.

We have very clear goals and targets. In addition, we need effective implementation of the strategy. Our way of doing this is to implement the strategy in a balanced way and with a long-term view from the perspectives of our customers, society, finances and our personnel. Many things can be achieved through small improvements – by doing things a little better all the time. The major change now taking place shows us that we also need a group of focused change projects that will allow us to achieve big changes in the electricity system, electricity market and Fingrid’s internal operations.

The Fingrid team is known for having a strategy that is more than just a PowerPoint slide.




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