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Builders: provide Fingrid with details of the underground cables that you have built

Fingrid instructs its stakeholders on the location of various structures in the vicinity of power lines by issuing “crossing statements” for line areas. We need builders to provide information on everything that is built above and below ground in power line areas.

We map power line areas to identify above-ground crossings ourselves. However, we are not able to reliably analyse underground structures, so we need builders to provide mapping details on matters such as underground cables that they have built. Unfortunately, we receive very little information of this type, although every crossing statement for an underground site includes a request for mapping information once the site has been built.

It is important to provide this information so that Fingrid can take various crossings into consideration when power lines are under maintenance and in other scenarios.

We would, therefore, like to remind all of our stakeholders to provide Fingrid with mapping details about their underground cables and other underground structures no later than two months after the completion of the site. Mapping is performed for at least the section within the power line area using GPS measurements and by connecting the measurements to the concrete foundations of Fingrid’s power line pylons. Please also state the pylon numbers in the mapping results, and send the details in MicroStation or AutoCad format along with the archive number of the crossing statement.

Further information and deliveries of mapping details:


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