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customer orientation

Electricity market

Open dialogue with customers is valuable

Transmission system operators do not know everything. Nordic transmission system operators have been in the habit of preparing their proposals together before asking customers and other stakeholders for their comments.

Electricity market

Committees as a link between Fingrid and customer groups

Fingrid’s committees are advisory organs that form a link between Fingrid and representatives of its various customer groups. The committees give their views on Fingrid’s operations and the services it offers to customers. Vattenfall’s CEO Elina Kivioja and Oulu Energy’s Energy’s Director of Sustainability and HR Katja Virkkunen appreciate the open dialogue in Fingrid’s customer committees.

Electricity market

The energy revolution is leading to closer collaboration

Finland’s ambitious climate targets will lead to an enormous increase in electricity generation and consumption. This requires Fingrid to make investments and take other development measures to enable a clean electricity system. As Fingrid embarks on this work, it seeks to collaborate even more openly and closely with actors in the sector.


Even monopolies need to provide personal service

Although it is important for us to discharge our statutory duties properly, we are also able to generate significant added value by investing in value chains that are visible to customers and offering expert resources for them, writes Jussi Jyrinsalo, Fingrid’s Senior Vice President of Grid Services and Planning.

Main grid

Refreshing Fingrid’s service groups

Fingrid has added fresh clarity to its services by grouping them into larger packages. The packages are based around our two main services: grid services and electricity market services.

Electricity market

Open data – the key to innovation

New ideas and businesses are created when information arising from an organisation’s activities is made openly available for others. Fingrid’s open data service has been online for three years now, and it is used by parties such as researchers, application developers and the authorities.

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