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Transmission forecasts for the coming years

Pekko Niemi’s work is strongly rooted in data.

I work in strategic grid planning at Fingrid, doing electricity market modelling. I prepare electricity
transmission forecasts for internal use, looking two or three years ahead. The forecasts indicate future transmission volumes between Finland and other countries and over the main transmission cross-sections within Finland.

The models are used for purposes such as forecasting congestion income and purchasing loss power.

Fingrid has a data management model, and I have various tasks within it: I am one of the electricity market data officers, the technical data officer and one of the analytics officers. I develop the automation of data fed into the market models and the visualisations and reporting of the model results and other electricity market data. In other words, I am involved in lots of data
management and processing work.

I have boosted my professional skills by programming an energy bot for Twitter in my spare time. The bot provides real-time information on matters such as wind power production. As the energy crisis rolls on, the bot has gained over 2,000 followers. Discussion focuses on preparing for times of low wind production.

In my free time, sport helps me decompress and take my mind off data.

Ball games are a particular favourite of mine. I am often among the first to get involved in sports tournaments between companies. They are always fun events.”

Pekko Niemi works as a specialist in Fingrid.


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