What does data management mean in the energy sector?

Data is a critically important form of capital, the foundation of digitalisation and a prerequisite for high-quality expert work. The energy revolution calls for investments to be made in data centralisation, refinement and dissemination. Cost-efficiency and time-savings can be realised by automating processes with the help of data. Electricity generation and consumption must be kept in balance, and the electricity market needs better situational awareness. It is also important in terms of asset management to invest in building a digital twin of the physical network. Ultimately, it all comes down to reliable and inexpensive electricity for our customers.

Has the importance of data management and quality changed over time?

The energy revolution that is now underway will further increase the importance of access to realistic, real-time data. As more and more renewable energy comes online, the quality and availability of data used for purposes such as forecasting will become more important. Smart electricity networks and sector integration require data in order to work. The electricity market can only function properly if everyone is looking at the same data. The data update cycle will be accelerated by the transition to a 15-minute imbalance settlement period, among other things.

Who is responsible for data management at Fingrid?

Every Fingrid employee produces data and uses it, so, in a way, we are all responsible for data management. The company’s data capital is divided into domains, and the development of these domains is coordinated by the data management group. The owners of data areas are obliged to ensure that the data in their areas is provided as a service to our customers and for our own use. Responsibility for key data concerning each identified company has been delegated to nominated personnel who are responsible for the quality and availability of data beyond individual systems and processes. Fingrid also has people responsible for analytics and technical data work.

Who uses data?

Fingrid’s entire organisation uses the data we produce. Our customers produce data on our shared system, and they also use it via the My Fingrid service. Our services for customers include an open data service. Our service providers also produce and use data that is shared with them. We also share information with regulatory bodies, such as the Energy Authority, on a regular basis.

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