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Refreshing Fingrid’s service groups

Fingrid has added fresh clarity to its services by grouping them into larger packages. The packages are based around our two main services: grid services and electricity market services.

The purpose of grid services is to ensure the reliable transmission of electricity on the main grid to meet the needs of electricity companies and electricity-consuming industries. In line with our value pledge, we offer assured and inexpensive electricity transmission. The service consists of connections to the main grid, electricity transmission and collaboration on network design and operation.

Electricity market services provide operators in the sector with a uniform electricity trading area in Finland, as well as the benefits of open European electricity markets. In line with Fingrid’s value pledge, we are a market-positive transmission system operator. The service consists of developing electricity and reserve markets, balance management and Datahub services, issuing guarantee of origin certificates and offering electricity market data.

In the future, Fingrid intends to develop its services in the form of packages and include customers in development work to a greater extent. The change will affect Fingrid’s customer committees, and service development will also influence other forms of collaboration.


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