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Grid transmission pricing will remain at the current level

In 2020, Fingrid will keep the unit prices of transmission pricing at the current level.

Fingrid’s business is built on stable foundations – an important aspect in a changing operating environment. The company has substantially improved its cost-efficiency and is making long-term investments.

“We set ourselves a high bar by significantly lowering our prices this year – something very few TSOs in the world have been able to do. I am pleased to say that the company’s operations and cost-efficiency are at the level that will enable us to maintain this price level next year. By offering reliable electricity and affordable transmission prices and keeping Finland as a single electricity market price area, we are able to promote the well-being and competitiveness of our customers and society as a whole,” says Jan Montell, Fingrid’s CFO.

The transmission fees in Finland’s main grid are the third lowest in the European reference group.


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