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Over the next ten years, Fingrid will execute approximately 180 different substation projects. There will be 45 completely new substations, with a Project Manager responsible for each of them.

One of the new 110-kilovolt substations is called Julmala and is currently under construction in Peräseinäjoki in South Ostrobothnia.

The construction project is now complete, and electrical installations will take place in the spring. The substation will be commissioned this summer.

The new substation is needed to improve system security in the region. More wind power will be built in the region, and the Julmala substation will connect the turbines to the main grid.

In substation projects, the Project Manager has overall responsibility from the design phase until the end of the warranty period. The work includes planning procurement, running competitive tendering processes, and making contracts. The project manager is also responsible for ensuring that the project proceeds safely, according to the agreed timetable, scope and budget.

The Project Manager holds the reins of the entire project and works with numerous stakeholders. The external stakeholders include contractors, customers and service providers. The internal stakeholders are Fingrid’s specialists, whose expertise is needed in the project design and implementation phase, so the project manager works closely with them.

Several dozen people may be involved in the planning and execution of one substation project, depending on its size.

Fingrid will invest EUR 3 billion in the main grid over the next 10 years. Of this sum, 38 % will be spent on substations.

Junior Project Manager Niina Hakkarainen from Fingrid is taking care of the Julmala substation project in Peräseinäjoki. Hakkarainen is also responsible for a project to expand the Kontiolahti substation.

“Every project is unique, so there is no such thing as a normal working day. No two substation projects are alike.”


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