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transmission line area


Life beneath transmission lines

Fingrid is constantly on the lookout for new ways to take advantage of transmission line rights-of-way. Organic collection areas and insect hotels are among the latest experiments.


Excavating the Stone Age

The low rumble of an excavator breaks the silence of the riverbank at Tallikangas, in Vaala, Finland. Furrows one metre wide and half a metre deep criss-cross the field in a grid pattern, as excavation work enters its second day. The aim is to investigate whether the planned route for a 400 + 110 kilovolt transmission line runs through an archaeologically valuable area, perhaps containing remains of Stone-Age settlements.


Apply for support to manage traditional biotopes

Support for managing the landscape under transmission lines is available from Fingrid if certain criteria are met. The support encourages people to take action. The applicant can be a landowner, other private person or, for example, a recreational association.


Precautions are necessary when eliminating hogweed

In Finnish nature, hogweed is an invasive alien species that smothers the native vegetation as it spreads. It is also dangerous to people, because the sap causes burns when it reacts with sunlight. There is good reason to be careful when eliminating the plant.


Fairy slipper – the northern orchid

The fairy slipper is a rare beauty found in the forests of northern Finland and Lapland. Calypso bulbosa is a protected species and a member of the orchid family. According to law, it may not be picked, cut or moved.

Main grid

The right communications during transmission line construction

Fingrid is asking land owners and residents living near transmission lines to provide feedback as the basis for developing communications, also using new tools. E-mail, Facebook and SMS messages have been tested for land owner communications in the Vanaja–Tikinmaa construction project. An informative tower erection display attracted a large audience in Hämeenlinna.


Transmission line areas benefiting people and nature

There are many ways for a landowner to utilise transmission line areas. Would you like some extra income from Christmas tree sales, or are environmentally friendly values close to your heart? Various land-use tips can be found in the new Landowner’s idea cards.

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