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Fairy slipper – the northern orchid

The fairy slipper is a rare beauty found in the forests of northern Finland and Lapland. Calypso bulbosa is a protected species and a member of the orchid family. According to law, it may not be picked, cut or moved.

The fairy slipper thrives in shady, sheltered areas and does not do well in cleared areas. As a result, fairy slippers also affect Fingrid’s construction of transmission lines.

“The best time to identify this flower is when it blooms in the early summer. Whenever we build new transmission lines, we perform comprehensive nature surveys in the area. We also welcome information about nature provided by landowners and other people who spend time outdoors. If someone knows that fairy slippers grow in an area where a power line is planned, it’s a good idea to contact us and the local ELY Centre,” states Project Manager Mika Penttilä from Fingrid.

As a general rule, Fingrid tries to avoid fairy slipper habitats, for example, by means of route choice or tower solutions. If this is not possible, a special permit for the construction measures is sought from the ELY Centre. In any case, the presence of fairy slippers is taken into consideration throughout the lifecycle of a transmission line – in the planning and construction phases and during maintenance work.