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Customer satisfaction is on the rise

Satisfaction with our activities has increased in all areas, and the overall grades for different services have also continued to improve.

According to our annual survey performed during the autumn, customer satisfaction with Fingrid has continued to develop in a good direction since last year.

Customers have been particularly pleased with Fingrid as an operator that wants and is able to cooperate. The average for that indicator is now 4.1 (scale: 1 = very poor….5 = very good). Assessments regarding equal treatment of customers and activity in international cooperation also achieved the same level. The poorest result can be found in creating cost-effective solutions, but a score of 3.8 in this area is still better than the previous surveys.

87% of our customers would recommend Fingrid’s way of working with customers. That figure was 82% last year.

Recognition of Fingrid has remained at nearly the same level as in 2017. This area has the most room for improvement among electricity users and electricity suppliers.


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