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Datahub consolidates information

Fingrid’s Datahub stores customer, metering, and accounting point information in one place. Datahub is a quick, efficient, and easy centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market. The information collated by Datahub is up to date, secure, and easy to trace. Datahub is part of Fingrid’s smart, clean, and safe energy system.

Customer service

Data associated with electricity contracts, accounting points, and electricity consumption will be more rapidly available to various parties. This means faster, smoother customer service. For example, switching to a new electricity supplier will be quicker.

Information exchange

Thanks to Datahub, the exchange of information will be clearer and faster. Previously, information about accounting points and customer relationships was fragmented across various systems from one company to another, and the systems could not exchange information very quickly with each other. Information exchange is needed, for example, when a consumer switches to a new electricity supplier, and approximately 400,000 such switches take place every year in Finland.

Privacy protection and information security

Special care was taken to ensure privacy protection and information security when the system was developed. Personal data and accounting point information will be exchanged reliably and securely between the parties. During the information exchange, special attention is paid to ensure that data is only disclosed to parties entitled to it. All information entered into the system is traceable. Electricity consumers can view their information in the system, either in the Datahub customer service portal or via the online services of their own electricity company.


The shared system will enable the development of new applications for electricity consumers, such as apps for saving electricity or monitoring consumption. Information can be used in applications if the customer who owns the data – the consumer – has consented to it.

Finland’s Datahub will go live on 21 February 2022. Approximately 100 electricity suppliers and 80 distribution system operators responsible for electricity transmission will use the data provided by the centralised information exchange system.

Up-to-date information

Up-to-date information will improve the operations of all parties – the electricity consumers, electricity suppliers and the parties responsible for electricity transmission – since all data and transactions associated with the consumption of electricity are located in a single system, are up-to-date and equally available for all eligible parties.

3.8 million accounting points

Accounting points include homes, sports fields, ice cream stands, industrial facilities, and all other places where electricity is consumed. The information systems of distribution system operators and electricity suppliers contain an abundance of information on each accounting point, such as contact details for the owner or occupant of the accounting point and accounting point consumption data.

Imbalance settlement

In the future, Datahub will carry out imbalance settlement on behalf of network operators. This will free up the operators’ time and resources to develop their own businesses.



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