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Dialogue enhances occupational safety

When we talk about work and how it could be improved, the discussions increasingly touch upon occupational safety. In line with Fingrid’s safety theme for 2022, occupational safety is created by individuals and teams.

Fingrid is building an occupational safety culture based on dialogue in accordance with the Crystal-Clear Line.

“This principle, which we began observing in 2019, clarifies the responsibilities of the client and suppliers in terms of occupational safety. This ensures that the statutory responsibilities are clear for the client and the supplier, and everyone takes care of their obligations without encroaching on anyone else’s area of
responsibility,” says Karri Koskinen, Expert in Occupational Safety at Fingrid.

According to Koskinen, occupational safety requires seamless cooperation between the client and the supplier, and employees need to make the right choices. In other words, occupational safety is created by individuals and teams.

“Occupational safety requires commitment and transparency. It is at the heart of every discussion about planning and implementation on worksites.”

Being busy is not a licence to cut corners

The fast pace of construction may contribute to occupational safety risks on Fingrid’s worksites.

“However, feeling busy or having lots to do is not a licence to cut corners. Teams must make time to think about occupational safety and to search for and implement safe working methods,” Koskinen adds.

Fingrid discusses the main challenges with its service providers at meetings of the suppliers’ occupational safety group, among other events. After all, service providers play the greatest role in ensuring the realisation of occupational safety.

Fingrid’s safety coordinators play an important role in occupational safety on worksites, along with the suppliers’ worksite managers, planners and safety supervisors.

Safety toolbox talks about relevant issues

Safety toolbox talks are a way of implementing an occupational safety culture based on dialogue on Fingrid’s worksites. At least 800 such talks are due to be held this year.

Safety toolbox talks are an opportunity for occupational safety information to be passed down from supervisors to employees and vice-versa.

Juha-Pekka Kumpula, Installation Supervisor at VEO Ltd, has led weekly safety toolbox talks at Fingrid’s transformer substation construction site in Pysäysperä. For this reason, among many others, Fingrid awarded him the occupational safety prize at the Main Grid Day held in the spring 2022.

“I hold safety toolbox talks about relevant topics, such as lifting or demolition work. Any
teams returning to the site also need to ensure they are up to date with the latest information.”

Kumpula’s career has taken him from the role of power plant worker to that of installation supervisor. Practical experience helps him to identify potential risks and encourages him to speak out.

“Everyone should get home safely and come back to the worksite in good spirits. I would also like to remind everyone that safety and quality go hand-in-hand.”

“Everyone should get home safely and come back to the worksite in good spirits”, says Juha-Pekka Kumpula, Installation Supervisor at VEO Ltd.

Kick-off meetings get everyone on the right track

In order to promote occupational safety, Kumpula is now focusing on kick-off meetings.

“The most important thing is to go through everything together and consider how we can complete all the work on schedule, who will do what at which time, and what risks are inherent in each work phase.”

When everything gets off to a good start, the entire chain is committed to the occupational safety goals. As the construction project progresses, Kumpula encourages everyone to talk about their occupational safety observations.

“Employees often have the best insight into matters such as how ergonomics could be


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