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Different experts – a common goal

A working community is functional when different experts work together. Every single professional in the company helps move Fingrid towards a new way of operating.
The reformer

Antti Aarnio

ICT Manager, Digital Services, first year at Fingrid

”Digitalisation plays a strong role in the changes taking place at Fingrid. We’re building services where everyone has access to data concerning, for example, the state of the electricity market and electricity grid. Everyone, both energy industry professionals and ordinary consumers, should have better access to the information that Fingrid possesses. We’re continuing to work on centralised information exchange in the Datahub project.

We learn from our mistakes, and it’s important to be ready to try new things. Fingrid is learning to use new working methods and tools, we’re developing our work culture in a more agile direction. Communications and cooperation between different sectors is important as we look for new ways to work.”

The customer specialist

Tuukka Huikari

Planner, Grid Services, nearly two years at Fingrid

”My job is related to reactive power pricing and reactive power transmission in the grid. I answer phone calls and e-mails from customers and write reports concerning their situation. I often visit customers to talk with, teach and advise them. Not all customers have electrical expertise, so I’m happy to explain things to them.

In 2017, we’ll begin invoicing for reactive power use and the processes developed for that purpose are beginning to function independently. The focus of my work will shift more towards developing electronic services. The interfaces for electronic services are being developed so that, for example, customers have more opportunities to check their own electricity transmission data in the future.”

The developer

Katariina Saarinen

Development Manager, Grid Services and Planning, some 10 years at Fingrid

”Fingrid’s electronic services are a key part of my job. Another part of my work involves developing an innovation culture. I meet stakeholders and try to identify future trends that we could utilise in Fingrid’s activities.

We want to make Fingrid’s somewhat scattered services more modern and useful to customers. Our Palveluvisio (service vision) project aims at identifying customer needs and desires. We’re looking for development areas that would most benefit the customer. In the future, we will also involve customers in the process of developing electronic services.

I really enjoy my work. I’m a natural developer, even in my leisure time. I enjoy being able to think about how things could be done better.”

The communicator

Anna Hannonen

Document Management Specialist, Communications and Information Management, just over one year at Fingrid

”I communicate information for the needs of Fingrid, external service providers and customers. Along with the archiving and information service, my tasks include developing information management. The goal is to enable effective document management and ensure the availability, joint use and electronic archiving of up-to-date information.

Over the next few years, we’ll make greater use of electronic archiving and try to minimise the size of the physical paper archive. Changing applications present a challenge for electronic storage, which means that material has to be copied to new media on a regular basis.”

The team player

Vesa-Matti Jussila

Dispatcher, Main Grid ­Control Centre, Network Control, about two years at Fingrid

”We have a very close-knit working community here at the Main Grid Control Centre. We have three different teams: balance and power system control work in three shifts, while network control has 24-hour shifts. This requires teamwork and a good team spirit. Our people have to be able to cooperate even when things get tough.

We’re responsible for a main grid that covers the entire country – we keep the lights on. Network control tasks include disturbance management, fault clearance and managing transmission outages from the control room. We do a lot of work with the operational planning unit.

The Main Grid Control Centre is the heart of Fingrid, but we aren’t really meant to have a visible role. Our most important job is to keep Finnish feet warm and the lights on.”

The protector

Karri Koskinen

Expert, Safety, three years at Fingrid

”My work involves ensuring the occupational safety of our service providers. The largest occupational safety risks are in the field: power lines and substations, as well as in investments and maintenance. Fingrid does long-term work to prevent accidents, and our goal is zero accidents. For the most part, the situation at our worksites is good and our suppliers are responsible, but safety matters always have to be emphasised. Attitude plays an important role in safety.

I find my work meaningful; after all, I’m responsible for the health and safety of people. I learn new things all the time when talking with site management and employees at the worksites.”