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The importance of electrical systems to society

We live in two worlds. One is the physical world, and the other is a digital world based on technology people have created. We have adapted and evolved to live in the former throughout the history of humankind, but the digital world is still relatively new to us, writes Jarno Limnéll.

Electricity market

Electrifying, carbon-neutral Finland is an amazing investment

Fingrid is building a platform for the clean electricity system, which contributes to Finland’s carbon neutrality goals and creates opportunities for new consumption investments. This development is built upon Fingrid’s long-term grid planning work, which includes preparing a network vision, the main grid development programme for the next ten years, and an investment programme that results in the construction of the physical network.

Electricity market

Datahub go-live date to be postponed to 2022

The go-live date for Datahub, a centralised information exchange service for electricity trading, will be postponed from its original target of April 2021 to early 2022.

Electricity market

Open data – the key to innovation

New ideas and businesses are created when information arising from an organisation’s activities is made openly available for others. Fingrid’s open data service has been online for three years now, and it is used by parties such as researchers, application developers and the authorities.

Electricity market

My Fingrid: for all data

My Fingrid, an electronic service portal, was made easier to use with the help of five pilot customers. How did the pilot go, Key Account Manager Lassi Vuokko from Caruna Oy?


Hop on the robotic bus

The autonomous bus in Otaniemi, Espoo, began trial runs last spring. Fingrid’s trainees Hanni Sonkeri (left), Otto Takkinen, Kasperi Keskinen, Tuukka Syrjänen and Joonas Vataja tested the bus.


Keeping the lid on electricity bills

The cloud-based OptiWatti is a smart management system for electric heating. Controlled energy use decreases the environmental burden and also saves money.

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