The safety year of 2020 has truly been a year of change and exceptional times. We have been implementing the Crystal-Clear Line from the beginning of the year by training and through onsite visits. The goal has been to clarify the occupational safety responsibilities of client and suppliers. At the same time, we have globally faced a totally new situation in the means of the corona pandemic. The personal responsibility of occupational safety of each and every one of us has been emphasized as we continue to keep Finland running – with safety in mind.

During my visits at the Fingrid worksites. I have been more than pleased to find, that occupational safety does have a really strong foundation. Everyone is truly committed to developing the onsite safety and sharing experiences. At the latest, the abnormity of this year has shown that the knowledge of safety needs to be shared as efficiently as possible, beyond the organizational boundaries. We are all facing the same kind of challenges no matter who or where we are.

As we aim for zero accidents, our target for 2020 is to keep the lost time injury frequency below five. That is possible to achieve, if we stay active on occupational safety throughout the abnormity.

With the Crystal-Clear line project, the safety responsibilities are clarifying, and the detailed occupational safety demands of the contracts are decreasing. In the future we are sharing our knowledge and experiences on safety in the form of good practices of occupational safety.

Early this summer, Fingrid’s Executive Management Group approved Fingrid’s pledge on its occupational health and safety methods and targets, which states our commitment to develop occupational safety.

As this year has clearly shown, new situations can suddenly emerge, but they can be handled safely by working together and holding on to a responsible attitude. New ideas always come from changes, and those ideas may be shared as a safety observation, for example.

In the current digital reporting system, everyone can be heard, and each observation is an opportunity. Physical distance has been needed lately, and one of the best ways to show the much-needed emotional closeness is to share good safety practices.

I wish everybody a safe and pleasant autumn.

Janne Eskelinen
Unit Manager, Grid management, Fingrid

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