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Grid Map helps with terrain work

Fingrid’s Grid Map has been completed. The Grid Map provides basic information about Fingrid’s electricity grids and those of our customers and also serves as a handy tool for taking notes while working in the field. 


In the first phase, the Grid Map will be available to service providers.

Grid Map functions:

  • Saves the settings for your own map view
  • Markings and comments on the map, map printing and sharing
  • Diverse search functions
  • Routing to sites and location of own position
  • Use in a browser, scaled according to device screen size
  • Separate mobile application for offline use

The Grid Map replaces the Fg Partners Grid and Service Roads map and the old Map Book that were used earlier. The Maximo application map and Fingrid’s Map feedback service will remain in use.

Grid Map IDs and instructions have been sent to Fingrid’s service providers. Any person who has a valid non-disclosure agreement with Fingrid can use the application. The best way to obtain user rights for people in your organisation is to contact Fingrid’s person responsible for the contract or project manager through, for example, your supervisor.

Use of the Grid Map will expand to customers and other stakeholders in the future.


Grid Map:




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