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Investment decisions safeguard strong transmission connections 

Fingrid has made an investment decision concerning construction of the 400 kV Forest Line through Finland. The transmission line will run from Petäjävesi to Muhos and strengthen electricity transmission connections in the north-south direction.

Finland’s electricity consumption is concentrated in southern Finland and changes in the near future will further increase the need to transmit electricity from north to south. This Fingrid project will significantly increase transmission capacity from north to south, making it very significant for society and the national economy.

At approximately 300 km in length, the Forest Line will be built in place of or alongside existing transmission lines. The project also includes the expansion of three substations, dismantling of one substation and construction of one new substation as well as the related transmission line arrangements.

The Forest Line projects will be completed by 2022. The project will have an employment impact of 600 person-years.

The Oulujoki grid will be renewed in stages

Fingrid has also made a decision on grid development in the Oulujoki area. The work will begin with the renewal of two substations, the construction of one new substation and a new transmission line.

Grid development has been planned in close cooperation with electricity producers and distribution grid companies in the region. A lot of electricity is produced using hydropower in the area, and new wind power projects are planned to supplement the existing wind power plants. After grid renewal, the main grid voltage level in the area will change from 220 kV to 110 kV. The Oulujoki grid will be renewed in stages during 2020–2023.

Renewal of the Imatra substation is also set to begin. Located in the historic Imatrankoski environment, the first main grid substation is still an important part of the electricity transmission grid in Southern Karelia. The substation has a cross-border connection to Russia.

Imatra’s 110 kV substation was originally completed in 1929 and has been renewed over the years. Some foundations from the original substation still exist. Fingrid will renew Imatra substation with respect for the historic and protected environment. The project will be completed in 2020.

An illustration of Imatra substation.


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