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Experience helps in identifying risks

Enerke Oy is a new partner for Fingrid, servicing and maintaining Fingrid’s substations in Eastern Finland.

Enerke has substantial experience in working with substations for different network operators and industries. Working with Fingrid further emphasises the importance of risk assessment. The voltage on Fingrid’s sites may be even 400 kilovolts, while the substations on Enerke’s previous worksites have operated at 110 kilovolts. The induced voltages and increased safety distances must be taken into consideration thoroughly. Work on the main grid must be planned with particular care because every outage is critical.

Working with Fingrid will also mean that Enerke needs to use a large number of subcontractors for work such as snow-ploughing, vegetation management, and general maintenance work for buildings. The main contractor is responsible for risk assessment.
“As our operations expand into new areas via subcontracting, we need to consider a wider range of risks in order to provide high-quality services safely,” says Service Manager and Health and Safety Representative Aleksi Tiainen.

Conditions must be monitored constantly

Enerke will begin using the Quentic safety reporting system on Fingrid’s worksites, as well as the risk assessment form on Quentic. Risk assessment and safety observations were already an integral part of the company’s practices.

“We constantly monitor safety in our work locations, and we record our safety observations. We review every observation with the company’s management and all of the personnel so that we can learn from it,” says Enerke’s CEO, Kimmo Kärki.

Enerke has also used its own risk assessment model that places risks into three categories according to their probability and severity. The form is filled in every time a new risk is identified.

“When we arrive at a work location, it is also important to check that the conditions have not changed. The risk assessment is verified and updated on-site before work begins. If necessary, the work plan is adjusted accordingly,” says Kärki.

Enerke familiarised itself with Fingrid’s materials back in the autumn, and it has learned about the sites in advance.

“Fingrid has been actively involved in the work preparation phase by arranging orientation and safety training. As a result, Enerke has drafted an occupational safety plan, which includes risk assessment,” Kimmo Kärki says.

Enerke Oy

  • Enerke has decades of experience in work related to the design, construction and maintenance of various electricity distribution systems.
  • The company has 16 locations in Finland and operates nationwide. The headquarters are in Kontiolahti.
  • Employees: 230
  • Net sales: over EUR 45 million


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