Fingrid is ensuring adequate conditions for Teollisuuden Voima TVO, the owner of Olkiluoto 3, to commission the power plant unit with the plant supplier in such a way that it operates safely and reliably under all circumstances.

The OL3 system protection designed and implemented by Fingrid and TVO will fix challenges caused by a trip of power plant unit due to different kind of faults.

“The OL3 system protection will ensure the uninterrupted transmission of electricity in the main grid in the event that there is a fault in Olkiluoto 3 and the power supply to the main grid is interrupted or if Olkiluoto 3 is unable to supply power to the main grid because of a fault in the grid,” says Minna Laasonen, Senior Expert at Fingrid.

A 1,600-megawatt giant

As the reactor at Olkiluoto 3 can produce up to 1,600 megawatts of electricity, a sudden disturbance in such a huge power unit could paralyse Finland’s power system. The OL3 system protection will disconnect electricity consumers in such a way that the change in power to the main grid is no more than 1,300 megawatts in the event of a sudden interruption in the power supply from Olkiluoto 3.

“The OL3 system protection will enable an uninterrupted supply of electricity. This is a technical arrangement that decreases electrical comsumption on eight industrial sites within 0.2 seconds if the power supply from Olkiluoto 3 to the main grid is interrupted. In order to ensure a fast and reliable activation time data communications from Olkiluoto to industrial sites are used, Laasonen says.

She has worked as Project Manager on Fingrid’s project with TVO to ensure that the commissioning of Olkiluoto 3 goes safely and reliably from the perspective of the main grid.

Large factories cut electricity consumption in the event of a fault

The OL3 system protection, which calls for a reduction in electrical loading of approximately 350 megawatts, involves Kemira Chemicals Oy from Äetsä, Metsä Board Corporation’s factories in Joutseno and Kaskinen, Stora Enso Oyj’s factories in Anjalankoski and Imatra, and UPM Paper Ena Oy’s factories in Jämsänkoski, Kaipola and Rauma.

“In terms of the Specifications for the Operational Performance of Power Generating Facility, Olkiluoto 3 is no different from any other power plant, but its enormous output sets it apart. For this reason, OL3 system protection was required to reinforce the reliability of the power grid,” Laasonen says.


Fact box

 Olkiluoto 3 will increase Finland’s self-sufficiency in energy, provide more power on cold winter days and increase the inertia in the Nordic power system.
 With a power output of 1,600 megawatts, Olkiluoto 3 is the largest power plant unit in Finland and the Nordic countries.
 By international comparison, Olkiluoto 3 is the world’s third-largest power plant unit after Taishan 1 and Taishan 2 (1,660 MW) in China.
 Olkiluoto 3 will generate an average of 15 per cent of the electricity consumed in Finland.
 Altogether, the three Olkiluoto power plants will generate one-third of Finland’s electricity.
 Olkiluoto 3 will be connected to the main grid in November 2020, and regular electricity
generation will begin in March 2021.

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