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Safety on the roads

Merkittävä osa työtapaturmista syntyy työpaikalla liikuttaessa tai tavaroita siirrettäessä. Työmatkustaminen ja liikkuminen on tärkeä osa työturvallisuutta.

A significant number of occupational accidents happen when moving around at the worksite or when transferring supplies. Commuting and transport are an important part of occupational safety. Service Manager Mika Moilanen from Eltel Networks drives about 38,000 kilometers each year for work, and he has managed to avoid accidents.

“Working for Eltel requires us to move around according to the worksite from morning until evening, and we’re on the road a lot. However, we haven’t experienced a single traffic accident in transmission line maintenance,” says Moilanen.

He believes this is due to Eltel’s systematic instructions, which review the job’s safety environment, safe movement at the worksite, and ways to avoid traffic accidents.

“The bulletins that Fingrid distributes about specific worksite locations also provide more good advice about how to anticipate and avoid risks at the sites,” continues Moilanen.

According to Moilanen, the most important starting point for moving around a worksite is being sufficiently rested and having the right gear.

“When working on transmission lines, most of our time is spent moving from one place to another while maintaining, repairing and inspecting the lines. Winter conditions are more demanding because it’s slippery and dark. Studded tyres on vehicles and personal protective equipment such as studded shoes prevent slipping. While driving in the terrain, it’s important to choose the right speed for the situation,” he says.

Carefully planning a work trip in advance is another way to prevent accidents.

“Since I travel around Finland a lot, I try to combine the routes in a sensible manner and minimise unnecessary movement,” explains Moilanen.



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