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Fingrid’s occupational safety seminar-panel: The right direction

The most interesting topic at Fingrid’s occupational safety seminar, which was held in November, was the new areas of responsibilities for occupational safety. The panel discussion revealed a wide range of viewpoints from people in various roles within the industry. The people involved in the discussion agreed that developing was heading in the right direction.

The issues of the day were discussed by Kaisa Ruusunen, Quality and Safety Coordinator from Siemens, Antti Keskinen, Vice President from Empower, Jussi Ala-Kokko, Project Manager from Eltel, Juha Laukkola, Project Manager from Destia, and Juha Pikkupeura, Project Manager from Fingrid. The moderator was Karri Koskinen, Expert in Occupational Safety from Fingrid.

What should Fingrid do differently in order to for a culture of safety to be developed together?
“It is essential to have the opportunity for interpretation. I would like Fingrid to think about how much leeway exists for adaptations. At the moment, it feels like there is no coherent policy on this.”
“The conditions on worksites can vary dramatically. That is why it is important to be able to adapt to the conditions.”
“Any deviations that arise should be handled immediately on the worksite, not in a complaint that is sent after the fact. A notice may also be sent later on.”“Inspections should be coordinated in a reasonable way: if inspections occur too frequently, they begin to feel intrusive.”
“The safety plan must be clear and specific to the site. Plans do not work in practice if they are too long and include every conceivable detail.”
“Webinars could be used to review things. This would ensure everyone received the same information at the same time.”

What should not be changed?
“Fingrid’s own supervisors should remain on worksites. They can answer questions immediately and move things forward.”
“No really big changes should be made – just a bit of fine-tuning to ensure that we reach better results and have zero accidents.”

Threats or opportunities?
“I think there are opportunities to obtain new ideas and better practices when the party doing the work has free rein.”
“The threat is that someone takes the liberty of making compromises and the safety level changes.”
“The supplier should be responsible for risk management and planning because they have the best knowledge of the practical work and related risks.”

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