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Giving materials a new life

Fingrid takes care of building and dismantling parts of the main grid. It is important to maximise the proportion of materials that are put to new uses.

Waste arises from two main sources: when new sites are built and when old ones are dismantled. Most of the waste from new sites consists of packaging materials.

Waste is generated in larger volumes and greater varieties when old sites are dismantled. Every year, there are 20–40 projects that involve dismantling. The three largest types of waste are:

  • Concrete, which arises when old foundations are demolished, for example.
    Concrete is used to create crushed aggregate that can be used in excavation work. For example, it can be used in road construction alongside or instead of natural rock material.
  • The Conductors used to transmit electricity.
    When transmission conductors are dismantled, they are processed by machine into fine shreds, and the various metals are separated out using a jarring plate and magnets. Aluminium is used to manufacture products such as light bulb frames.
  • Steel, which is in old transmission line towers, for example.


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