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Factory audits improve corporate responsibility in the procurement chain

Fingrid conducts audits to ensure that its occupational safety and other corporate responsibility requirements are met in the factories comprising its procurement chain around the world. Any deviations detected during audits are addressed in collaboration with the factories and contractors.


Corporate responsibility is reflected in Fingrid’s duties

In my opinion, Fingrid’s biggest corporate responsibility pledge for this decade is crystallised in our basic mission: Fingrid is tasked with ensuring that our society has reliable electricity under all circumstances and promoting a power system based on electricity generated without emitting carbon dioxide, says Marina Louhija, Fingrid’s General Counsel.

Main grid

Corporate responsibility every day

At Fingrid, responsibility means that we take care of people and the impacts of our operations every day. The core of responsibility is securing a reliable supply of electricity for Finns. This responsibility also extends to the tax footprint.


A major responsibility

Fingrid’s main grid encompasses over 14,000 kilometres of transmission lines and more than 100 substations. The operation of electrical installations and electrical work in such installation was the responsibility of Pasi Lehtonen until 2019. As the proportion of Fingrid’s own electrical work began to increase and Lehtonen was approaching retirement, it was time to begin the process of handing down all the essential but unrecorded knowledge to the new people in charge of electrical work and of the operation of electrical installations.

Electricity market

Responsibility is a way of working correctly

The orderly conduct of duties, security of supply, a sustainable operating culture, offering a transmission platform for clean energy generation:
this is Fingrid’s responsibility.

Main grid

Responsibility. Reliably.

At Fingrid, responsibility is part of the daily routine. Responsibility applies to personnel well-being, occupational safety, data protection, environmental impacts, and the tax footprint. The following examples illustrate that it also includes responsibility for procurements and contractual partners. Business is open so that Fingrid can deliver. Reliably.


Fingrid promotes the UN’s global responsibility goals

Fingrid has committed to the United Nations’ Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and to promoting its sustainable development goals. Responsibility has been a part of the transmission system operator’s values and operating methods for a long time. Now the UN’s global sustainable development goals have also been linked with Fingrid’s business targets.


Responsibility is important in property management

Development of procurement chain management is a part of responsible corporate operations and its impacts can be seen locally and globally. Fingrid’s asset management day held early in the summer demonstrated that responsibility does not just happen – the contractor has to be active.

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