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Safety is a team game

Fingrid’s safety theme for 2022 is “Occupational safety is created by individuals and teams”.

This year marks an important milestone in the development of the main grid. Both the Forest Line, the Oulujoki and North Karelia project entities will be completed and commissioned in full – the outcome of more than 20 sub-projects and a million hours of work.

The commissioning of these projects is the result of years of work, beginning with preliminary project planning, environmental studies and permit applications, proceeding to detailed technical design, and ultimately to construction.

There will be no time to rest, however, as a large number of new projects – especially substation projects at the moment – will continue to occupy the builders of the main grid. The master plan of Fingrid’s grid investments, which covers the period to 2030, will significantly strengthen the main grid’s north–south transmission capacity. The details of the plan are being clarified and supplemented almost every month. There is plenty of work to keep competent employees busy now and in the future.

Fingrid’s occupational safety has consistent history: starting from reacting to accidents and deviations to regulations, it now has a preventive, proactive culture of occupational safety. We still learn from accidents and their causes, and the lessons are communicated onwards, but the main focus is on preventive measures.

In everyday project work, this is manifested in the form of safety toolbox talks, active observation, systematic work planning, and site-specific risk assessments before work begins. In the best cases, employees are actively engaged to assurance of occupational safety, and this expertise and activity are acknowledged as an essential aspect of the job description of a grid professional.

Fingrid’s safety theme for 2022 is “Occupational safety is created by individuals and teams”. It describes a
balanced team game in which we all have an active role to play.


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